Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do you have any live auctions? How often do you post online auctions?

A: We do not currently offer any live auctions. We typically post 3-4 new online auctions per week. Be sure to check our website frequently for new auctions!

Q: What are “bid increments”?

A: A bid increment refers to the minimum amount by which a bid can be raised during the auction (ex: the current bid on an item is $5 and there is a set $1 bid increment, the next available bid amount would be $6, then $7, then $8 and so on).

Q: How does the bidding at closing operate? What is a “soft, staggered” closing?

A: A soft close means that if a bid is placed in the last few minutes before closing, the bidding for that lot will be extended by 3 minutes (this allows other interested bidders time to raise their bid before the lot closes). A staggered closing means that each lot will close 30 seconds after the previous lot so that all lots do not end at the same time (this allows bidders to have time to bid on multiple items they may be interested in).

Q: What is a buyer’s premium?

A: A buyer’s premium is a fee that auctions charge to run their service. Our buyer’s premium is 15% and this will be added to the final bid amount. The final bid amount + 15% buyer’s premium is what will be charged sales tax (ex: $100.00 is the final winning bid amount, 15% buyer’s premium makes that $115.00, add the 7% sales tax and your grand total is $123.05).

Q: Do I have to pay sales tax?

A: Yes. We are a legal, registered business with the State of Indiana and we are required to charge sales tax on all purchases (unless you have a retail merchants certificate with the state). Indiana state sales tax is 7%.

Q: Will my card on file automatically be charged after the auction ends?

A: No, it is the bidders responsibility to login to their account and authorize each transaction.

Q: What is a "handling fee"?

A: A handling fee is a charge that is added to each lot. This fee is $2.99 per lot and is charged for the time and effort it takes to list the items, take pictures of the item, store the item, prepare the item for pick up, and bringing the item out to the customer on the day of pick up.

Q: Am I able to cancel a bid?

A: No. Before placing a bid, the system will have you double confirm that you are sure you wish to place a bid to help prevent "accidental" bids. Once the bidding has closed, it is final and we cannot remove/change bids. Please be sure you have read all terms, item descriptions, photos, and that you are certain you wish to place a bid before doing so.

Q: How do I pay my invoice after I have won items? What forms of payment are accepted?

A: To view/pay your invoice first login to the website. Once logged in, choose the tab “Account” on the menu bar. There will then be a smaller tab labeled “invoices”. All past and current invoices will be stored on this page where you have access to pay, view or print them 24/7. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express for online payments. Exact cash is also accepted at time of pick up (must be exact cash – we do not have change).

Q: Do you offer shipping or delivery?

A: No, we are strictly local pick up only and do not offer shipping/delivery.

Q: Do you provide help with loading items into my vehicle?

A: We do ask that you bring your own help for lifting/loading items as we are a small staff and unable to assist every customer. Due to liability, we will never assist in strapping or tying down items in or on vehicles for safety reasons.

Q: What happens if I do not pay my invoice during the allotted time?

A: All invoices must be paid for during the allotted window of time. If payment is not received by closing time specified on the auction listing, the bidding privileges for that account will be permanently revoked and the items will be deemed forfeited and resold.

Q: What happens if I do not pick up my paid items during the allotted time?

A: Any paid item that does not get picked up during the allotted window of time will be deemed forfeited and resold for the cost of storage, with no refunds. Pick up rules and times are advertised ahead of time so that bidders can be aware if they are able to accommodate the hours and pick up requirements BEFORE placing a bid. Do not bid on items if you cannot pick up in the allotted time – we simply do not have the extra space to store items.

Q: What does “bidding privileges will be permanently revoked” mean?

A: This means your account will be permanently banned from our site. You will be unable to login, bid, or participate in our auctions. We understand this may seem severe, but with hundreds of bidders each auction, we must have rules in place to keep things clear and concise. We have the same rules and expectations for all bidders.

Q: What does “all items sold as is” mean?

A: “As is” is a rule of thumb that almost all auctions follow. This just means that you are buying things "as is, where is" with all sales being final (no refunds). All items are untested, unless stated otherwise in the description. We try our best to be as transparent and informative as possible on every item so bidders can make their best decision on when/how much to bid. This applies to all items so remember to keep this in mind when bidding that all items are sold as is.

Q: What happens to items that do not sell?

A: If an item does not get a bid, it will be relisted in a future auction. If an item ends up being forfeited due to the failure of the winning bidder to pay/pick-up said item, it will also be relisted in a future auction.

Q: What is the best way to contact your office with questions, concerns, etc?

A: Erika is typically in our warehouse and not in the office so due to high call volumes and limited office hours, texting or emailing is the quickest and most efficient way to contact her. Text 317-291-5843 or email